Bespoke Winter

Bespoke Warm Up and Cool Down Workouts for Skiers, Snowboarders and Snow Shoe-ers

For the skiers and snowboarders I can provide you with bespoke ski and snowboard holiday related Warm-up / Stretch and Cool Down / Stretch packages for your winter holiday in the comfort of your own chalet.

Warming up and cooling down properly before and after any exercise helps to reduce the muscle soreness that normally occurs in the 1 or 2 days following that exercise. This is especially relevant in the first few days of a ski or snowboard holiday. So for the short-term visitors to the area I can provide you with bespoke short programmes in the comfort of your own chalet to help you warm up and stretch prior to a long day skiing, snowboarding, snow-shoeing etc., followed by a relaxing stretch and cool down afterwards, perhaps followed by a chilled glass of fizz! So no more shuffling down the stairs on your bottom on day 2 of your holiday because your legs won’t work!!

To receive a quote for your bespoke ski and snowboard holiday warm up / cool down workout programmes please contact me with your dates, and include a bit of information about your group – number of guests, approximate age ranges, etc.